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Healthy Eating Made Simple

Healthy Eating Made Simple When it comes to maintaining a healthy life, the keys are to exercise, eat healthy, and maintain your stress. Your diet is a big part of how healthy you are, and what you eat can determine if you are physically functioning at a high level or falling behind and becoming nutrient deficient. Having a deficiency in multiple areas of nutrition can lead to you getting sick or even developing diseases. Healthy eating needs to be a big part of your life! Check out what you should be eating and some healthy eating tips so that you can boost your health and feel great, inside and out. What You Should Be Eating Fruits: Fruits Fruits area great source of many types of nutrients as well as fiber. Get tropical and indulge your taste buds by trying new fruits like papaya, starfruit, mango, guava, and more in addition to tried and true favorites like bananas, apples, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries, and more. Vegetables: Vegetables Vegetable

11 Tips for Healthy Living

11 Tips for Healthy Living 11 Tips for Healthy Living Healthy living is all about finding a balance. It is perfectly fine to have a slice of cake with tea or have some pie at dinnertime, and even the occasional ice-cream cone or deep fried southern chicken. However, it is imperative that we recognize when we are taking things too far. Indulgent food should be savored and enjoyed, but only on occasions. It is also very important that we remember that the majority of our daily diet should be healthy and nutritious foods. Additionally, there is the 'task' of exercising. It is one thing to indulge your taste buds occasionally and couple that with constant exercise , it is quite another to indulge and remain sedentary. The latter does you absolutely no good. Remember, it is all about maintaining a balance. In light of that, here are 11 tips to help you gain that equilibrium: 1. Understand what you are eating Too often we gobble down foods just because they taste goo