The Best Time to Eat to Lose Weight - Intermittent Fasting

The Best Time to Eat to Lose Weight

The Best Time to Eat to Lose Weight - Intermittent fasting
The Best Time to Eat to Lose Weight - Intermittent fasting

The Best Time to Eat to Lose Weight - Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting aka intermittent energy restriction is the process of scheduling your meals that cycles between voluntary fasting and non-fasting over a period of time. Intermittent fasting has been trendy among recent years as an effective kind of weight loss method.

There are three kinds of intermittent fasting namely alternate-day fasting, periodic fasting and time-restricted feeding. It might be similar to a calorie restriction diet. Although the science concerning this method of weight loss is preliminary and inconclusive, the American Heart Association opines that intermittent fasting can aid weight loss, reduce insulin resistance and lower the risk of heart diseases. Here is how you can use this powerful weight loss tool for a successful and sustained weight reduction:

Have bulletproof coffee:

Although it might be difficult to skip breakfast, you can use this hack to fast for 18 hours. Rather than skipping breakfast, have a cup of fatty, bulletproof coffee (coffee with oil, butter or ghee) that can help you achieve a fasting state while nourishing your body with good fats. Replacing a carb-heavy breakfast with a bulletproof coffee can not only make you feel satisfied but also energized for a long period.

Break your fast the right way:

Consume the right fats, vegetables, and meats toward the end of your fast. Although you might be tempted to eat sweets or snacks, opt for healthy options like salads or soups. Also, try to avoid binging on carbs or unhealthy snacks.

Do a 24-hour fast every week:

Start by trying the "Eat-Stop-Eat" once or twice per week. It involves fasting for an entire 24-hour period. You can either fast from dinner to dinner, or breakfast to breakfast. For instance, if you have your breakfast on Friday at 9 a.m., you shouldn’t eat until Saturday at 9 a.m. You are allowed to consume non-calorific beverages, water, and coffee during the fast. Make sure you eat normally during the eating period and not consume high-calorific foods.

Try the warrior diet:

Fast throughout the day and have a huge meal during dinner. You can also eat small amounts of raw fruits or vegetables during the fasting period. The food choices include those similar to a paleo diet — whole, unprocessed foods. The principle behind this kind of intermittent fasting is to fast all day and feast in the night.

Weight lossAlternate day fasting may lead to successful weight loss.

Fast spontaneously:

If you’re someone who is unable to follow a structured intermittent fasting plan, you can do a spontaneous meal skipping where you can skip meals whenever feasible. You can simply skip meals from time to time when you don’t feel hungry or don’t feel like cooking. Human bodies are well equipped to handle long periods of famine and thus, missing a meal or two now and then will not be very difficult. Skip a meal or two whenever you feel like but make sure you eat healthy foods during other meals.


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