New Fitness Trends To Update Your Workout Routine

New Fitness Trends To Update Your Workout Routine

Even people who adopt fitness as a lifestyle can find themselves unmotivated to exercise at some point. Some workout routines end up tiring out body and mind, causing a decrease in your enthusiasm for those activities that used to give you that extra boost of energy. That’s why it’s important to try different routines and alternate different exercises when working out. Looking for some inspiration? Then this is your place, we introduce you to the top fitness trends of the year so that you say goodbye to boredom at the gym.

New fitness trends yoga booty Incorporate new yoga trends like yoga booty into your routine

New Fitness Trends To Update Your Workout Routine
If you practice yoga but want to experiment with its poses in a different way, you can give it a try to Booty Yoga, a fusion of the traditional discipline with African music and modern twerking. This efficient combination of yoga stretches will add the sensual expression of pop dance to your movements, and the strength of continental dance to your muscles!

New fitness trends cardio barre Cardio barre will help improve your stamina and tone

New Fitness Trends To Update Your Workout Routine
Cardia barre
The 60-minute-long sessions of cardio barre are based in the ballet dancers' technique and movements. It is a high-energy class invented by choreographer Richard Giorla, and of course, it takes place in front of the ballet bar. Its non-impact cardio exercises will tone your body but also will help you to improve your posture.

New top fitness trends zumba, Zumba is an excellent cardiovascular exercise

New Fitness Trends To Update Your Workout Routine
We are quite sure you have at least heard about it, as Zumba has been at the top of the fitness routines' podium for some years. Anyone who wants to dance without feeling awkward or already loves hitting the dance floor should try Zumba. These trainer-led classes that started in the nineties are based in choreographies mainly to the rhythms of bachata, rumba, salsa, merengue, and reggaeton. A fun and relaxing cardiovascular activity that will make you feel like you’re partying every day.

New fitness trends pole dancing The sensuality and strength of the pole dance

New Fitness Trends To Update Your Workout Routine
Polo dance
You can strengthen and tone your arms, flatten the abdomen and strengthen the legs in a different way from the traditional methods at the gym. The famous and sensual dance on the pole is not easy, but practice makes perfect, look at Jennifer Lopez! She trained really hard for her role in Hustlers and she mastered the routine. It also has fantastic cardiovascular benefits and helps to improve flexibility and... yes, self-esteem.

Top new fitness ideas HIIT is a high-intensity workout many celebs swear by

New Fitness Trends To Update Your Workout Routine
High-Intensity Interval Training's great results have made this workout the favorite of many celebrities such as Britney Spears or Scarlett Johansson. It consists of back-to-back sets of very intense, short exercises, with minimal recovery time. It gives your endurance a real challenge. Runs, high-speed stair climbs, sprints on stationary bikes, and combinations of sit-ups, squats, and thrusts are just a few of the exercises offered by this workout that is only recommended for people with prior experience and no medical issues.


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