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Is Vitamin D From Sunshine The Nutrient Of The Decade?

Is Vitamin D From Sunshine The Nutrient Of The Decade?
Even if you take supplements, your vitamin D requirements are unlikely to be met. In fact, in a recent study I have read, in which 1200 people were examined, more than 87% of the participants were deficient!

What's even more surprising: your levels of this important vitamin are more likely to be dangerously low!

The average winter end of vitamin D levels decreases, and any level below 20 ng / ml is considered a serious deficiency state, which will increase your risk of breast and prostate cancer and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

There are things that lower, even deplete, your vitamin D levels. And the 400 units of vitamin D that our government recommends are simply not enough to do the job! Once it enters the bloodstream, it spreads too much to give your cells what they need.

Vitamin D is used by all the cells in your body. It keeps cells healthy and functioning in the best way, and is ess…

Cayenne Pepper- The Healing Herb

Cayenne Pepper- The Healing HerbWhen my son was diagnosed with a kidney and a doctor prescribed tablets to lower blood pressure (which only caused his blood pressure to rise), he saw a naturopath who prescribed cayenne pepper. Until then I had never heard of its benefits, particularly in reference to blood flow to and from the heart. So we investigated a little and discovered that many people around the world have surprising results when using cayenne pepper (or pepper as it is sometimes called) for simple healing, as well as to fight and eliminate some challenging health problems.

Cayenne pepper powder comes from hot peppers that are not only good for eating, but also excellent for health. It comes from the fruit or the body of the peppers, which are dried and then crushed, pulps are made and baked in cakes. They are then screened to make the spice known as cayenne pepper.
Why is Cayenne Pepper so Good for your Health?This humble medicinal spice is probably the best medicinal agent kno…

Coconut Oil - The Extraordinary Benefits of the Healthiest Oil on Earth

Coconut Oil - The Extraordinary Benefits of the Healthiest Oil on EarthCoconut Oil as Saturated Fat

Some people mistakenly believe that coconut oil must be bad for you. Why? Because it is a saturated fat and "Saturated fats are supposed to be bad for you" ... There are different types of saturated fats. Most of the saturated fat in coconut oil is easily digestible and converts to fast energy. And these types of fatty acids are less likely to cause obesity because the body uses them immediately and does not have the opportunity to be stored. Coconut oil is believed to be the healthiest oil on earth. Modern research seems to support this bold statement. Once mistakenly accused of raising cholesterol levels, doctors now use coconut oil to treat a variety of disorders. Clinical studies have shown that coconut oil has antimicrobial and antiviral properties, and is now even being used in the treatment of patients with AIDS.

In other words: coconut oil not only does not cause heart p…

Foods That Keep You Young – The Super Foods

Foods That Keep You Young – The Super FoodsApple In a study published by the British Medical Journal (1996), researchers found that regular consumption of apples (and other flavonoid-rich foods such as onions and tea) strongly protected against heart disease. The effects are due at least in part to apples, the content of the anti-inflammatory flavonoid quercetin (which is probably also responsible for the actions of fruits in the prevention of asthma), backed by the cholesterol-lowering action of the pectin they contain .

Berries They can be small, but the berries have a powerful blow against free radicals. Perhaps the most impressive in terms of its antioxidant potential is Acai Berry, a traditional food of the Brazilian Amazon. On the other side of the world, Goji berries have been associated with longevity and other health promoting properties in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The family favorite, strawberries and raspberries are rich in a compound called ellagic…

Osteoporosis Symptoms and Treatments

Osteoporosis Symptoms and TreatmentsOsteoporosis Treatments and Osteoporosis SymptomsBefore we discuss osteoporosis treatments and osteoporosis symptoms, let's briefly define what osteoporosis is....

Osteoporosis is a condition associated with loss of bone density.

Our bodies use various minerals, such as calcium, to produce strong and healthy bones. We need to ingest these crucial minerals from our diets.

We also have a small amount of calcium that circulates in our blood and provides a series of vital functions.

If we do not get enough minerals such as calcium in our diet, or through supplementation, to maintain what we need in our blood, our bodies will "steal" them from our bones and teeth, resulting in brittle and porous bones over time.

Women after menopause tend to have the highest risk of getting osteoporosis, and are often the ones who are in most need of seeking out osteoporosis treatments.

However, younger women and also men can be afflicted with this disease as wel…

How to Get Rid of Body Acne

How to Get Rid of Body Acne
Acne has no limits. Although, the face is the most affected area, acne can occur anywhere in the body. The back, chest, neck, rear end and shoulders are normal destinations for skin break out. That is why they are sometimes called 'bacne', that is, acne occurred in the back!

Like acne on the face, body acne is also a problematic condition. This looks bad and can prevent you from wearing low-cut backless shirts and shirts. This becomes embarrassing when you are willing to put on your swimsuit!

Acne is caused by the secretion of the sebaceous gland. These glands are located just under the skin. The secretion is known as sebum and is secreted to keep the skin moist enough. The sebum is good until it is secreted in normal quantity and does not block the passages that open in the outer skin. 

Once, the route drowns with one reason or another, the sebum begins to accumulate under the skin. On top of that, this place invites bacteria to make their seat. This e…

Hay Fever Symptoms and Treatment

Hay Fever Symptoms and Treatment
Seasonal hay fever is triggered by pollen from trees, grasses or weeds and other plants. Symptoms throughout the year can occur if you are allergic indoors to dust mites, cockroaches, mold or pet dander.

Mild symptoms of hay fever can be effectively controlled with over-the-counter medications. Year-round symptoms or severe symptoms of seasonal hay fever may require an allergy specialist for proper evaluation and treatment. My allergy symptoms throughout the year are effectively managed by an internist. An internist is a doctor who specializes in adult diseases.

Without proper treatment of hay fever symptoms, there may be an increase in more allergic conditions, such as asthma or eczema. Uncontrolled symptoms of hay fever will affect the quality of your daily life.
Symptoms of Hay Fever include:runny noseWatery nosecongestionFrequent sneezingItchy eyes, nose, palate or throatSwollen skin, blue under the eyes.Postnasal dripCoughinsomniafatigueIrritabilityFa…

Aloe Vera - Medicinal Uses, Interactions, Dosage

Aloe Vera - Medicinal Uses, Interactions, DosageAloe Plant Description:Aloe is a genus of plants that belong to the asphodelaceae family. Aloe is a popular indoor plant that has a multipurpose folk remedy. Commonly known as Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera means true Aloe and originally spread throughout the Mediterranean. It is a stemless plant, a short-stemmed plant that grows up to 100 cm tall. The leaves are lanceolate, thick and fleshy, green to greenish gray with jagged margin. The succulent plant has leaves that are radical, spiny and jagged. The spike of the Aloe vera plant in which the flowers are produced is 90 cm tall. Each flower has a pendulum with a tubular corolla 2-3 cm long.

Gel and latex are the two essential results of aloe vera. The gel is the pulp or mucilage of the leaf, the gelatinous substance obtained from the parenchymal tissue that constitutes the inner portion of the Aloe vera leaves.
Uses and BenefitsExternal uses of Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is utilized remotely to treat dis…

Alzheimers Disease Symptoms and Treatments

Alzheimers Disease Symptoms and Treatments
Before we discuss Alzheimers Disease Symptoms and Treatments , let's briefly define what Alzheimers Disease is...

Alzheimers is the most prevalent form of dementia, a progressive condition associated with a build up of plaques in the brain. Alzheimers Disease Symptoms:Because mental functions deteriorate, common Alzheimers disease symptoms can include: disorientation, difficulty in learning, misplacing things, loss of clear speech, changes in personality, and even troubles in performing routine tasks.
This list of Alzheimers disease symptoms is not exhaustive. Alzheimers Disease Treatments:To offer our visitors a range of independent resources related to Alzheimers Disease Treatments and Alzheimers Disease Symptoms from third party sponsors.
Unfortunately, there is no cure yet for Alzheimers.
Currently, Alzheimers disease treatments focus on slowing the progression of the condition. Prescription Alzheimers Disease Treatments:There are a few drugs…